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Hair care tips for Men - Routine

Hair care tips for Men

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Hair care Routine is one of most Important thing that you can do to yourself from men's  grooming Perspective. You must treat your hair correctly and style it so you can always look great. But it could be said more quickly than finished. Make it easy with the 4 essential men's haircare tips.

  1. Oiling - Most Important For Hair Care Routine is oiling. Hair Oil provides Strength, Shine, Even it build a protective layer on hair that defend your hair from hair fall, frizziness & scalp infection. whenever you deeply massage your hair the blood circulation increases. This result's in hair growth. Oil your hair  once or twice a week that can give you best result.
  2. Shampoo - The next important step is shampooing your hair. Shampoo is very important in hair care routine . It role of cleanser. most  of people use soap for washing hair but whenever you wash your hair with soap it make scalp dry it gives temporary breakage and hair fall & dry scalp is prone to hair breakage. So  always use  SLS(Sodium laureth sulfate) free and Paraben free shampoo. use shampoo twice or thrice a week.
  3. Conditioner - Conditioner is an add-on to a shampoo. It is used for enhances or extend the properties of shampoo. Conditioner basically soften, cleans, strength and restore the hair. use conditioner once or twice a week after shampooing.
  4. Drying & combing - So after oiling , shampooing and conditioner of hair the last step is towel drying and combing the hair. many of people rub towel hardless,  when we wash our hair the hair follicle becames weak and rubbing hardly causes breakage in hair. combing hair promote to increase blood flow in scalp & healthy hair growth.

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